Frequently Asked Quesitons

Find out more about Teach the Truth. Read through our most frequently asked questions.

Can I not just donate to my parish school or to my local diocesan education fund?

Absolutely, and we encourage you to do so. Both your parish school and your local diocesan Catholic school funds deserve your support. The reality, however, is that your local diocese and all parishes have numerous priorities. Teach the Truth’s mission is focused on Christ’s commandment to “Teach all Nations.” Catholic schools play a unique role in fulfilling our Lord’s directive.

What will Teach the Truth do with my donation?

We will use it exactly as you wish. You can designate it for tuition aid, or to a certain school, or to general expenses to perform our mission.

Can I designate that my donation be used for tuition aid at a specific school?

Absolutely. We understand that you may have a special place in your heart for a specific school that you may have attended or which you are acquainted with a certain teacher and want to assist that school. We will contact the school and ensure all of your donation is used to aid students at that school.

How is Teach the Truth Foundation able to utilize 100% of my gift for tuition at my chosen school?

We do accept contributions for our general operations, and because of our low operating costs, these gifts are sufficient to support our administrative costs.


What is the geographic scope of Teach the Truth’s operations?

Teach the Truth was founded by individuals in Western Pennsylvania, and that is where we are currently focusing our efforts .  We are placing any potential expansion of this venture in the hands of Christ the Teacher and entrust its success to his will.

I support Catholic education by sending my children to Catholic Schools and pay tuition and work on parish and school fundraising. I am not able to donate. How can I help?

We know many supporters of Catholic schools are parents of Catholic school children who are already financial challenged. We understand. Please just remember to thank God in your prayers for the blessings the Lord has granted through Catholic schools. You can also just pass along our web site address to others who you think may be able to help. God will ensure Teach the Truth becomes known to individuals according to His will. Passing this information along will be similar to those who gave Jesus the few fishes and loaves which He blessed and multiplied in order to feed the five thousand (Matthew 5: 7-17). 

Who is Teach the Truth looking to for financial support?

Maybe you were blessed by having attended a Catholic school or maybe you are familiar with the blessings the Lord is passing along to students and all those associated with the Catholic schools. If you feel God is calling you to support this mission and you have the financial wherewithal to give, we will ensure your donation makes a difference.

Can I give in honor of a loved one?

Yes, we will acknowledge every gift and pass a note on to the family or individual you identify. We appreciate being designated as a charity for which you wish to honor a loved one at a key milestone in their life such as their wedding anniversary or a birthday. Additionally, a donation to Teach the Truth is a wonderful way to remember the passing of a loved one as it will benefit a young person’s life. If you would like to include Teach the Truth in your will, please contact us.

Online Giving

Clicking "Make a Donation" will redirect you to our web page where you will find information on where you can send a check or make a secure donation online. We are grateful to those who have the means and are able to donate to assist children of Catholic schools.  

We also very much appreciate all those who assist in our mission by praying for its success. We are a volunteer organization, and all monetary donations will go to assisting Catholic school students and the success of their schools.