Our Mission

Our Lord calls us to be active participants in bringing the good news of his love and salvation to others. Many generous individuals work together to respond to our Lord’s call through their dedication and commitment to Catholic schools. Teach the Truth exists to support parents and Catholic school staff in their efforts to communicate the good news of Christ to all children.

What We Do

Teach the Truth Foundation provides financial support and assistance to Catholic schools through the following means:

  • Tuition assistance to families
  • Marketing and promotion of Catholic Schools
  • Grants directly to the school for specific needs necessary to enhance and maintain the educational experience of the children

Christ instructed his disciples to “Go out and teach all nations.”

This call of our Lord is not of little importance.  It is of critical importance!  Our Lord commands us to actively preach the Gospel to everyone. It is a core calling of his people, the Church, which we comprise.   
Catholic schools continue to play an invaluable role in supplementing and reinforcing Catholic parents in in their role as the primary teachers of the faith.  Catholic Schools have a long legacy in the United States of providing a solid religious formation while providing an educational foundation of the highest quality which allows students to be successful in life and a benefit to society. 
In 2005, the U.S. Catholic Bishops issued a document entitled Renewing Our Commitment to Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools in the Third Millennium.  It states, “It is the responsibility of the entire Catholic community—bishops, priests, deacons, religious, and laity—to continue to strive towards the goal of making our Catholic elementary and secondary schools available, accessible, and affordable to all Catholic parents and their children including those who are poor and middle class.”

Teach the Truth Foundation seeks to raise funds from individuals who feel called to lend support to Catholic schools so that all who seek to attend a Catholic school can do so regardless of financial need.  Teach the Truth encourages individuals to support their parish and diocesan fundraising efforts to provide funding for Catholic Schools.  Among numerous other critical needs, the Catholic Church in America strives to support Catholic schools and provide tuition assistance. Teach the Truth recognizes that the financial need for Catholic education is more than diocesan funding is currently meeting. 

The bishops also noted in their 2005 document, that “The burden of supporting our Catholic schools can no longer be placed exclusively on the individual parishes that have schools and on parents who pay tuition.  This will require all Catholics, including those in parishes without schools to focus on the spirituality of stewardship.  The future of Catholic school education depends on the entire Catholic community embracing wholeheartedly the concept of stewardship of time, talent, and treasure, and translating stewardship into concrete action.”  

Please join us in responding to Christ’s call

Teach the Truth invites those who embrace this mission to assist parents who desire to send their children to Catholic schools.  Currently, the public school system is supported by all members of the community while the current economics of Catholic schools are that the majority of the funding of Catholic school costs rests with the school parents.  This financial dynamic is one that Teach the Truth desires to correct by appealing to generous people who desire to lessen the burden on Catholic school parents. 

The selection of a Catholic school education by parents for their children is a commitment of faith.  These parents recognize that all knowledge and truth has its foundation in God.  It is in God that we all derive our value and self-worth.  Teach the Truth recognizes the wisdom of and desires to support parents in this choice.  Teach the Truth also recognizes that this decision represents a financial sacrifice for those parents who accept God’s gift of children and who desire to bring them up in the faith.  

To the typical parents of school age children, it is a financial challenge to face mortgage or rent payments, a car payment, medical costs, food, and clothing bills – all this notwithstanding looming costs of college tuition.  Teach the Truth recognizes that it is critically important that Catholic schools be available to all people regardless of their ability to pay.   

Online Giving

Clicking "Make a Donation" will redirect you to our web page where you will find information on where you can send a check or make a secure donation online. We are grateful to those who have the means and are able to donate to assist children of Catholic schools.  

We also very much appreciate all those who assist in our mission by praying for its success. We are a volunteer organization, and all monetary donations will go to assisting Catholic school students and the success of their schools.